Here are some samples from our portfolio

Retail and core city development

Development of a vision for the Ostend City Centre

Taking into account various strong evolutions in the retail market and the effects they have on the City of Ostend, the City Council wondered whether its city centre was able to match the requirements of the future. We have conducted a full scan of the city centre area, whereby the synergy between its multiple functions of shopping and recreational experience, housing, mobility and parking issues and marketing concepts were evaluated. From the results, a number of specific recommendations were made to reinforce the city centre of Ostend and how to organize the implementation thereof

Vision development and feasibility studies for specific buildings and constructions

Ostend Foodhall

Upon assignment by the Ostend City, we currently develop a feasible concept for a foodhall and coordinate its implementation.

Vision development and feasibility studies for areas

Ninove Inghelantsite

Upon assignment by the city council of Ninove, we coordinate the draft of a masterplan for the Inghelantsite in the city centre. Of course, this is done in close interaction with the site owners. We also accompany the spatial developments in the area.

Value determinations and transactions


Ringland is an overall concept for the Antwerp Ring and its roofing. The concept plan would not only lead to enhanced mobility but will also reassure an improved air quality. On top of that, extra spatial availability is created for nature development and the creation of sporting facilities and gardens. Value has effected the feasibility analysis and drafted the financial modelling. We also provided support for the concept development.

Other projects

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