Retail and core city development

Here are some samples from our portfolio.

Development of a vision for the Ostend City Centre

Taking into account various strong evolutions in the retail market and the effects they have on the City of Ostend, the City Council wondered whether its city centre was able to match the requirements of the future. We have conducted a full scan of the city centre area, whereby the synergy between its multiple functions of shopping and recreational experience, housing, mobility and parking issues and marketing concepts were evaluated. From the results, a number of specific recommendations were made to reinforce the city centre of Ostend and how to organize the implementation thereof

Management of the core centre reinforcement for Heusden-Zolder

Upon assignment by the township of Heusden-Zolder, we coordinate multiple spatial developments in the central town area and we seek actively newly interested retail dealers. Similar tasks are effected for the town of Geel, the township of Tessenderlo, etc…

Commercial plan Knokke-Heist

For the township of Knokke-Heist we have drafted a vision for the future, in close interaction with local entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Innovation of the retail sector, events and hospitality means, as well as the interactive reinforcement of these functions stood central during this exercise. Besides, we have created similar detailed visions, together with Idea Consult, for Ninove, Geel, Heusden-Zolder, De Panne, Tessenderlo, Wezenbeek-Oppem, etc…

Other projects

Please consult the following websites for a larger overvieuw of the projects carried out by 3w real estate and IDEA Consult: